Wo Schiffman paints on paper, wood, and stone with encaustic wax and ink. As an artist trained in oil, ink, monotype and encaustic painting, her work combines hand-ground pigments with beeswax and resin on wood, washi paper, and stone surfaces. She draws inspiration from experiences in natural environments and her curiosity – fueled by a life of asking questions.

Her work is in the permanent collections of several museums, the New York Hall of Science Museum, the Hosby Konsthall and the Museum of Encaustic Art, to name a few, and has exhibited in the US, Scandinavia, and Asia. Wo Schiffman lives and works in New Hampshire and New York City. CV available upon request.


“Schiffman’s body of work is remarkable in how it opens like a portal into environments that, though rich in physicality, ultimately lead to ethereal places. One begins to wonder, if we never achieve space travel, maybe this is as close as we will get to reaching other galaxies.”

– Whitehot Magazine, 2019